We primarily trade in minerals such as Coking Coal, Thermal Coal, Manganese Ore and other products required by the industries. Our trading division has well integrated network & infrastructure that sources quality products and services to our clients at competitive prices.


Coal is an essential fossil fuel for steel and electricity production and other industrial activities.

Import policy in India allows coal to be freely imported under Open General License by the consumers themselves considering their needs. Coking coal is imported by Steel sector and coke manufacturers mainly on availability and quality consideration. Coast based power stations and cement plants are also importing non-coking coal on consideration of transport logistics, commercial prudence.

We supply coal from mines located in Indonesia, Australia, South Africa and South America region.


Manganese Ore

Manganese is the 4th most used metal in terms of tonnage after Iron, Aluminium and Copper. About 95% of the world’s production of Manganese Ore is used directly and indirectly in steel making and other metallurgical usages.

We source and supply high grade Manganese Ore on competitive prices to our clients.