The MSR Series





With the new MSR Series, we set out to do the impossible: to design a state of the art strategic monitoring radar and a cutting edge tactical monitoring radar. In one. That meant reimagining the way in which we combine high performance radar hardware with our innovative software. The result is a product so revolutionary that it really is nothing less than brilliant.

features_real_time_monitoringDynamic Decision Making

The MSR, with optimized onboard signal processing and high speed wireless communication capabilities, delivers geotechnical data and alarming functionality in real time. This translates to a comprehensive understanding of slope stability performance in an environment where dynamic decision making ensures improved safety and increased productivity.

features_true_3d_dataTrue 3D Data

Able to uniquely resolve multiple points within a single beam, the MSR delivers a high quality self-generated point cloud without relying on additional third party mechanisms. The MSR can be used for permanent stability monitoring as well as the ad hoc monitoring or surveying of other areas such as waste dumps or tailings dams. The result is a product that offers unrivalled flexibility and functionality within any mining operation.

features_sensor_whiteOptimized Mine Design

Because the initial pit design contains a variety of unknowns, the back analysis of past failures becomes imperative. With the MSR’s advanced data handling and storage capabilities, 3-Dimensional georeferenced movement and surveying data can be exported to a variety of third party mine planning software packages. This means that the slope design can be constantly optimised as new knowledge of the underlying mechanics at play is unearthed.

features_mobility_greyIntegrated Slope Monitoring

An integrated slope monitoring program improves safety and increases productivity. With the MSR, radar data along with 3D vector data from Automatic Total Stations and extensometers are displayed on the same interface, and in real time. Users are able to rapidly identify changing slope conditions and make better informed decisions.

features_all_weather All weather Application

Using proprietary next generation software algorithms, the MSR provides movement data without requiring Known Stable regions. That means the MSR can reliably operate regardless of slope mechanics. And in all environmental conditions, including fog, rain, smoke and dust. The result is exceptionally accurate geotechnical data when it is needed most.

features_advanced_software_greyPowerful Software

ScatterX is the reason that there’s nothing quite like the MSR. Because Reutech engineered both the hardware and the software, everything is designed to work together seamlessly. It brings together cutting edge radar hardware with powerful software to offer a revolutionary slope monitoring radar that is at the forefront of technology.

features_multiple_configurations_whiteCustomized Solutions

The MSR’s modular building blocks takes customization to whole new level. The Radar Module forms the foundation of the solution and can be supplied with a variety of power and mounting options. Intended to evolve with operational and budgetary requirements, the MSR offers customized solutions for every operation’s unique requirements.

features_global_support_networkGlobal Support Network

With MSRs deployed in over 22 countries across the globe, Reutech boasts an impressive network of service agents and experienced geotechnical consultancy partners. Users always get the most out of their MSR no matter where they are located.